Workshops start at 10am and finish at 4pm with a lunch break included (there’s plenty of shops nearby for food or bring a packed lunch), hot drinks and snacks will also be available

All workshops will start/take place at Bishop Street Methodist Church (unless stated otherwise).

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We will explore the theory behind pinhole photography and have a play with various kinds of pinhole cameras. Then using a matchbox type design you will construct a pinhole camera, loaded with a short roll of film to take away with you. All materials and film provided

The film can then be processed on any Wednesday evening session after the 30th April (included in the price of the workshop).

We are thrilled to be able to host glass artist and holographer Charlotte Wilkinson, as she teaches you the science (and magic) behind holography as you create your own holograms (we can work up to the hologram deck and starship at a later date 😉

Join us as we travel to Lacock, a small village owned by the National Trust, home of Lacock Abbey. Lacock Abbey is an important part of photography history, it is where William Fox Talbot produced the first paper negative, the process that modern photography developed (no pun invented) from.

Most people have had a go at cyanotypes, the magic of the deep Prussia blue against the pure white negative shapes. Well, in this workshop we will show you what else you can do. 

We will look at toning, wet in wet, and using household spices to add a bit of … errr. spice to your images.

All materials will be provided