Below are two galleries taken from various shoots with our Kamra-e-Faoree, a camera and darkroom in one. The camera has proved to be very popular at all the workshops.events we have taken it. The one shown here was only suppose to be a prototype, experimental camera, but it has been used dozens of times so far – we plan to build another one, and even one that shoots 10×8.

Taken from the Afghan Box Camera Project

“The Afghan Box Camera is a simple box-shaped wooden camera traditionally used by photographers working from a street pitch, who produce, by-and-large, instant identity portraits (aks: عکس) for their clients. In Dari the camera is known as kamra-e-faoree ().which means ‘instant camera’. It’s also less frequently called kamra-e-faoree-e-chobi (instant wooden camera) or kamra-e-chobi (wooden camera). In Pashtu the camera is sometimes referred to as  da lastunri kamra (sleeve camera: دلستوڼی کیمرہ) because of the sleeve on the side of the camera that photographers insert their arm into”




The Camera in action

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Portrait Collection

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