Handmade Book Exhibition

Handmade Book Exhibition

2017logo_websiteFor 2017’s Handmade Festival (April 29th/30th) we plan on exhibiting a collection of handmade photography books.

This is where you come in, we are looking for Lo-Fi members to take up the challenge on producing their own photo book, the book can take the form of a simple zine, to something more elaborate and constructed.

The theme for the books is ‘Journey’, how you interpret this is entirely up to you. The work must be produced using analogue or alternative processes, and can be produced at any size.

We will run a few workshops early in the year things like bookbinding, layout and sequencing, as well as having regular meetings to see how things are progressing and

Depending on the complexity of the final book design, there might be the option to have a limited run of copies available to sell via Facebook or our website.

If you would like to take part, message us via Facebook or e-mail, or have a chat with us on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the darkroom when we reopen dates to be announced soon.

Deadline for final book submission Friday April 21st